We are part of a worldwide non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers members.

Our goal is to give people with disabilities an opportunity to make their dreams a reality by achieving freedom through sailing. We are dedicated to facilitating sailing for people with disabilities regardless of their age, gender or their level of disability. We are totally dependent on monetary donations, funding grants and sponsorship from our supporters.


Our Volunteers ...

Sailability is a rewarding and beneficial community service that offers challenging experiences for our volunteer members. If you have time and would like to help us run our sailing program, please contact us


Our Sailors ...

Sailability sailors come from all walks of life. Many have had a normal working life before an accident or illness reduced their capabilities; others were born with a disability. Sailing for people with disabilities provides a fun activity plus valuable therapeutic, recuperative and social benefits in a peer group that is excellent for personal growth. We cater for individuals, schools and community groups. If you or would like to participate as a sailor or you know someone who would like to try Sailability, please contact us.

Safety ...
We have a Safety Officer and a Safety Boat with qualified persons on station during operations. We supply all safety equipment to our sailors and a mobile crane is available to assist sailors in and out of dinghies. Most of our members also hold First Aid certificates.

Where Are We?
Sailability Tin Can Bay is affiliated with, and based at, the Tin Can Bay Yacht Club, Norman Point, Tin Can Bay. Our sailing activities are conducted from the Coast Guard Tin Can Bay pontoon at Norman Point.

When Do We Sail?
Our sailing activities are conducted on Fridays (excluding school holidays) and commence around 8.30 am.


Our Fleet
Safety Boat Driver
Safety Boat Driver
Using the crane
Our Safety Boat
A Happy Volunteer
One of our skippers with a sailor
Thumbs Up, Sailability!
Testing the winch

Find us: 

Friday Mornings from 8.30 am

at Coast Guard Tin Can Bay, Norman Point, Tin Can Bay

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